You were made for more than showing up

What if church wasn't just a place to go, but a group of people who shared a common life of love and purpose?
Join the Story
Redemption Church is a group of people who are learning to follow Jesus together in a way that renews our cities.

The greatest story ever told

We are formed by the Gospel: the story of the death and resurrection of King Jesus.

Our lives are stories: with dramatic tension, rising and falling action, joy and pain, and decisions that affect the future. Most of the time we can't see where our story is going, or why it matters.

The story of God calls us beyond the narratives we craft for ourselves (wife, employee, hard-working, etc.) but it doesn't leave them behind. Rather, it elevates every part of us by unifying our story to the reality of Jesus' death and resurrection. We are reborn into something bigger, better, and more fulfilling than anything we could imagine.

We believe that in Jesus, God was and is healing the brokenness of the world's story. The church is the signpost of his story.

Celebrating and extending the love of God

We hold to the promise that all things ruined and lost by sin will be made new through Jesus
Our Vision

We long to see people living on mission in Gospel communities as families of servant missionaries to effect Gospel renewal throughout Hampton Roads. The more we push into the Jesus story together this way, the more we will be the church.

Our Values

Our values proceed from a vision of God in the story of Jesus and end with a vision of a renewed world:

    Living as a Family

    Loving as Servants

    Going as Missionaries

Connect with a family of servant missionaries

Redemption is a collection of Missional Communities scattered throughout Hampton Roads

"MCs" are groups of people who have committed to joining the Jesus story together. They are the building blocks of our church; through shared practices, beliefs, and commitments we learn together how the Gospel reshapes everything about us and the world. A missional community may have scheduled gatherings, or may not, but they are families of faith: always working to deepen their common life together for the good of those around them. It is the body of Christ, the church, in everyday life.

If you're looking to join the story of Jesus with us, don't just show up on a Sunday; we think connecting with an MC is the place to start.

Find a Missional Community

Connect with people who live nearby

For more information, contact Scott Osborne

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