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Living on mission in Gospel communities for Gospel renewal

In the mid 2000s a few families found their way to small church in Deep Creek called “Bible Believers." Over time, each of these families felt called by the Spirit to be a part of this tiny group of Jesus followers and committed themselves to its growth. Over the years, God continued to bless the church with leaders who helped shape the trajectory of
the growing community.

In 2011, many of the small changes that had begun took formal shape with a new church constitution and a new name: “Redemption Church." As the mission and vision of Redemption continued to develop, more and more people were drawn to be a part of this local body of believers. And through it all, Redemption has remained committed being the family of God in Deep Creek and beyond, so that throughout each neighborhood of Hampton Roads, more and more people would know the joy and love of Jesus.

Our Staff

Leaders gifted to serve, equip, and support our people

Scott Osborne

Josh Jones

Nate Bauers


Questions you may have about us

Why the name "Redemption"?

The word “Redemption” is about as inclusive a term you will find in the entire scriptures for what God is doing in the world.  He isn’t just saving us out of this world, but making new and whole everything that is broken; spiritual things, physical things, personal things, and communal things.  We are people who have come to know God as the one who Redeems our brokenness and receive and display his holistic redemption in the world.

What are weekend gatherings like?

We have two weekend gatherings each week: one on Saturday in Virginia Beach and one on Sunday
morning in Chesapeake.  Our weekends are really family gatherings, and are relaxed and welcoming.

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What do you believe about...?

Christianity cannot be adequately defined by a list of doctrines; indeed, the bible does not presents faith as “having the right theological boundaries”, but as an exercise of the entire person, not merely the intellect, but the lived reality of life in the presence of God.  Faith centers the human experience in God, it does not first define the edges.

Historically, the church has relied on the Creeds as statements of orthodoxy, the essentials of the Jesus Story. 

For more information on theological concepts we believe push us deeper to the center of faith, click here.

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What are Missional Communities?

Missional Communities are the essence of Redemption church. Followers of Jesus commit themselves to
be the church together, day-in, day-out. In MC’s we learn to live together as the family of Jesus; serve each other and those in our sphere of life with the love of Jesus; and join Jesus on his mission to reconcile and redeem all things.

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Are you connected with any other churches?

Redemption Church is a part of Soma Communities. Soma is a family of churches who believe that “missional communities” are the primary organizing structure of the church and are an effective means for developing
gospel-centered disciples.